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What's New with My Site?
Well, my whole site is new, so there's not too much to say about what's new so, check back here often, well not too often, to see what new things I'm adding to my site, they will be here for awhile and then I'll move them to where they belong, it just depends on how ambitious I get, so cross your fingers.

Also, check back here to see new updates about the second POTC and upcoming Johnny Depp movies!

Currently, I have added a new part to my site, and that is a complete list of all the movies that Johnny has starred in. Soon, I'll hopefully be able to add a description of the movies also, so check back soon! (12/21/03) I am also in the process of adding more pictures, this time actually putting new pics on the site, and hopefully I'll be done with that soon. (6/14/03)

*TO ALL THAT HAVE REPEATEDLY CHECKED BACK:  I have decided that since I no longer have time to put into this site and haven't in some time, I will just leave it as it is. Sorry to all about that, but whenever I catch some free time I will occassionally post and update, but other than that, no new parts of my site will be added.  Sorry again to all and good luck finding more awesome Johnny Depp sites! 


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