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Take one of my many quizzes that I found about POTC and Johny Depp
You can basically figure out what character you are best fit to, what quote fits you best, or even are you too into POTC. So have fun and take as many quizzes as you want! To take the quizzes click under the picture and the text about it, you need to click the writing that's in blue and underlined, and if you have any problems just email me. And come back often to this part of my site to try out new ones added quite often.

How much do you like POTC? Are you obsessed or not?
You are a Rabid Jack fan. You love the Khol, and the drunkeness, and the swagger, but you take it a little too far
You're a rabid Jack Sparrow fan. You love his khol,
drunken manner, and all around sexiness, but
you take it a little *too* far

Are you a rabid Pirates of the Caribbean fangirl?
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  What type of Jack are you?
RUM...drinking is ur everything...apart from gold
of course
Elizabeth Swan: "So that's it, then? That's
the journey of the imfamous Captain Jack
Sparrow? You spent three days, lying on a beach
drinking rum?"
Jack Sparrow: "Welcome to the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow: "Why is rum gone?"
Elizabeth Swan: "One: It is a despicable drink
that turns even the most respectable men into
complete scoundrels. And two: I've created a
column of smoke that rises a thousand feet in
the air.They are out looking for my do you
think there is even a chance they won't see
Jack Sparrow: "But WHY is the rum gone?!"

Pirates of the caribbean (the many faces of jack)
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Which POTC character are you?
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean - Which character are you?
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What POTC soundtrack song are you?
You are "To the Pirate's Cave!" Or
Captain Barbossa!

Vicious and evil, your "theme" is
powerful, demanding, and at points downright
creepy! Don't know whether or not to
congratulate you...

Vicious and evil, you

Which song off the Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtrack are you?
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Which POTC character would be perfect for you?
Capt'n Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow helps you get your horn on!
Boys in eyeliner = heaven for you! Drinks all

What Character from Pirates of the Caribbean Serectly Fancy?
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Which Johnny Depp character are you?
But why is the rum gone?
You are Captain Jack Sparrow. You're fun loving,
boisterous and a little full of yourself. You
tend to look out for your own interests-
although you have a compassionate side; you'll
only help others if it benefits you as well.
Rarely are you serious about anything. Like
many people, you're just trying to be free. You
also somehow manage to look masculine despite
the fact that you wear mascara and move like a
drag queen.

Which Johnny Depp are You?
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